We help people in business communicate persuasively

Wouldn’t it be great to watch people tune in, switch on and light up when you are talking to them? Wouldn't you like to grab people’s attention, tap into their emotions and stimulate their thinking, whatever the situation? And what if you could always be confident of persuading people of your ideas and arguments, or at the very least getting them to take you seriously and consider what you have said?

I am on a mission to help people speak meaningfully and persuasively in business arenas and in so doing significantly boost their commercial impact, influence and personal standing.

Mimi Hughes: Founder/Director


Training from bizvoice falls broadly, but not exclusively into three areas:

The Three P’s: Presence Persuasiveness & Presentations

If you or your team communicated clearly, meaningfully and persuasively in business interactions, imagine the effect on productivity and progress, not to mention business lives: presentations would be interesting and relevant; speeches would be memorable; meetings would be focused and productive. Emotions would no longer be misconstrued and people could be motivated and persuaded. This is where we come in; we help people increase their presence, impact and influence and develop their communication skills, through innovative and enjoyable training, tailored to your exact needs. We make your presence felt and your words count!

Media Handling

Media interviews form an effective part of the marketing mix; and when issues break an organisation's reputation can be made, saved or destroyed depending significantly on how media appearances are handled. Confident and credible spokespeople need to deliver clear and memorable messages whatever the situation; the right stories can be spread widely; arguments can be re-balanced; empathy, concern, compassion, or enthusiasm can be conveyed. Nobody suggests it's easy, but through our training in a safe, supportive (and fun!) environment we help budding or existing spokespeople master the art of talking to the media!

Networking and Selling

The growth of a business relies on its people being able to sell and network. The people in an organisation are the ones best placed to spread the message, win new clients or gain valuable allies and contacts. But selling leaves many people cold; and networking is little more than an uncomfortable waste of time. There is no doubt that sending your people to networking events can be a disastrous waste of time and money if approached in the wrong way. We can help! Our enjoyable and pragmatic training helps people network and sell effectively and comfortably, just like a natural.